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W H E E L S & T I R E S
Experience state-of-the-art tire mounting and wheel balancing services at Motorwerks.

Using Hunter’s TC3500 Tire Changer and the GSP9700 Road Force Wheel Balancer, customers can expect scratch-free touchless mounting and perfectly balanced wheels using the proper weights.

German-made flange plate adapters are used to ensure proper mounting of wheel assemblies onto the balancer spindle. Wheel runout and lateral force imbalances are measured using computerized data arms. Since complete wheel data such as precision dimensions, rim runout, and spoke locations are recorded, the wheel weights can be concealed behind each spoke for better aesthetics.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Save money by having your alloy wheels repaired and refurbished instead of purchasing a new set. At Motorwerks we can repair and/or Refinish most types of wheels:

  • Curb Rash & Abrasion
  • Bends, Dents & Cracks
  • Stone Chips & Scratches
  • Brake Dust Contamination
  • Scrapes & Gouges
  • Clearcoat Erosion
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